I am a passionate person. I love sports, Van Halen and Barbecue.  Now, I’m not talking about throwing a couple burgers and dogs on the grill and cooking over an open flame.  I’m talking about real Barbecue .. slow indirect cooking .. showing up at the stadium nine hours early and really “cooking” meat kind of barbecuing.  The kind of barbecue that takes a commitment to make and when finished is an eating experience, not simply a meal .. yes, that kind of barbecue.

  For years, every time I went to my local store, I’d pick up a new bottle of Barbecue Sauce.  I loved to try all the varieties, especially the local ones where the sauce was developed by someone like me, someone who truly loves barbecue and understands the passions that others have for it.

  It got to a point where I had so many different sauces that they had overtaken my large kitchen fridge and had begun to infringe in my beer fridge.  As you can imagine, infringing on my beer space is not a good thing.  Soon I realized that for all the bottles of sauce I had purchased, I rarely finished one.  I couldn’t find that one sauce that I really loved, that I jumped for, one that hit the ground running, really got me, and rocked me to my core.

  I decided to start to playing around and see what made a good sauce. I did some reading and a lot of eating.  I decided to experiment and see if I could make that "one sauce" I have been looking for.

  My first batch exploded on the ceiling and left dark red stains that still remain.  I liked some aspects of it, but put the rest in the beer fridge.  Keeping some of those ideas, I tried again .. and again .. and again .. and again. 

  For four years I played with the flavors and with the ingredients.  I began to realize that there was a reason for so many sauces out there.  After a little more trying of adding a little of this here and a little of that there, I finally found the right mix .. my "Bottoms Up" sauce .. the sauce I could finally say was a real home run.

Now, this is the only sauce I use and I put it on everything .. chicken .. pork .. beef .. pizza (yes, I said pizza).  I welcome you to do the same. 

Turn on the game, crank some =VH=, and enjoy Uncle Mo’s on your favorite food.